There are no hidden costs and the charges below cover my time, travel/car costs and initial meeting/key collection.

Where most catteries charge per animal, my charge is per household.

Cat Sitting & Small Animals

I live in central Norwich (St Benedicts Street), so cover the following postcodes for once or twice daily visits. I work 7 days a week, rarely have unavailable days, and work whatever the weather , so keeping to these areas means that I can get to your cat whatever the obstacle!

NR1 - £8 per visit
NR2 - £7.50 per visit
NR3 - £7.50-£8 per visit
NR6 7 (Catton) - £8 per visit
NR7 - £8 per visit

Surrounding postcodes/areas will be considered depending on my availability or the season so please send me a message to see if I can help you!

Please note that I can also look after rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and other 'pocket pets', but unfortunately I no longer offer dog sitting, overnight stays and I cannot board in my own home.

Visit Times & Initial Meet And Greets

Visit time is based on your pets' personality, and can vary at busier times, but a visit will usually not exceed 45 minutes. For most of my catchment areas I offer once or twice daily visits - AM & PM for twice daily, and flexible times for the once daily. If you require a once daily visit please let me know if your have a time slot preference (AM/LUNCH/PM). There is a list of the tasks I do on the homepage of this website, as well as plenty of play and fuss!

Morning visits are generally between 730-1130am, Lunch visits 12-3pm and Teatime visits between 330-8pm. These times may vary slightly either side depending on the time of year. For those on specific timed medications (e.g. Insulin injections) I will try to to accommodate timings to those they are used to.

I offer a text service so that you have peace of mind about your fur babies when you're away. I will always specify with you on meeting when you would like texts, but generally if I am visiting once daily I will send updates every few days depending on the length of the booking, or if twice daily usually once in the evenings. If you have opted into text updates I will also usually text on first and last visit to let you know I have got in/all is ok for your return. If you prefer the 'no news is good news' approach, you can opt for updates only if there is an emergency! If you would like photos sent to you, I can use Whatsapp Messenger, Facebook or Email.

All bookings include a free meet and greet key collection. Any additional meetings for the booking may require a charge to cover fuel costs if I am not passing your area at the time (e.g if you would like to meet in advance of key collection). If we have already met, I might ask for keys to be dropped to my house depending on my availability, or I am familiar with many key-code boxes too and am happy to have keys left in these. I generally do meetings on selected weekday evenings after 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes, but will always give you as many options as possible when booking.



    I am constantly thriving to provide the best of flexible pet care services to all my clients. Part of this is offering to securely hold a key for your property free of charge, to ensure that you can book at short notice and in peak times with no worry of unavailiability (this excludes any dates sent out in advance of my own holiday!). The keys I hold are all marked with a clear identity tag (with no address or surname!), in a securely locked location other than the dates you have booked in, and can be returned to you if needed at your request. Some benefits of this free-of-charge extra are as follows:

  • Flexibility for short notice requests, emergency visits and for those of you who go away alot throughout peak times where it may be hard for me to fit in key collections (April-August and December). This ensures that other than dates pre-arranged for my own holiday, you will always be guaranteed a pet sitter!
  • Avoids the need for you to be availiable for key collection at un-social times when you get home from work or days off in the run up to your booking
  • Ensures I still have a key after the last visit you have booked in incase of any delays or you decide to prolong your trip
  • There will be someone within city centre reach with a key to your property should you lock yourself out or for any other emergency
  • Please mention if you would like me to hold a key when booking, and have a spare key availiable on the date we arrange. You will be required to sign a key holding form which I will either have on our meeting or leave out with an SAE for posting back to me.



  • Please note that any cancellations of dates when a booking is about to start (from 7am on the day first visit is booked) or has already started may incur a full charge to make up for lost income if I have turned other people away.
  • I work all year round, including Christmas day and Boxing day which are a double charge. Please book as early as possible as I book up extremely early, and to make sure we have time to sort out a meeting that is good for you!
  • Please note that I am happy to get extra food/bedding/litter for your animals while you are away to be invoiced to you at the end of your booking. Where possible, all food, bedding and litter is to be supplied by the client before booking commences and left in the place arranged on key collection.
  • Unlike a cattery, I do not require your pets to be up to date with vaccinations, although it is good practice for them to be for the good of their health. I do however ask that your animals are up to date with flea and worm treatment before you go away whether they are indoor or outdoor animals. This protects your pets from unwanted visitors and in turn protects my other clients too.